2015 Tax Letter

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues;
Happy New Year! As we wrap up the 2014 filing season and prepare for 2015 I wanted to take the opportunity to share some changes that we are making at the firm this year to better serve, inform and protect you and your data.

We have been blessed with terrific growth in our client base in recent years. My philosophy and approach to tax planning and preparation has resonated with clients that are tired of a high effective tax rate and brutal increases in tax. We at McCormick Tax Group have coupled our knowledge of tax laws with our experience in audit defense to provide tax strategies that give our clients the best bottom line with an extremely low audit risk profile. Every return done by my firm has multiple review analytics applied that scrub each return for every available opportunity to reduce the effective tax rate but also an evaluation of a return’s audit exposure with the goal of mitigating audit risk. Of course every position we take on a given return is based on solid tax law and can be supported and defended, but what we add to the tax process is the audit risk reduction because in the end, no one wants to endure the rigors of IRS scrutiny even if they will prevail in the end. This combination results in our clients paying the least amount in tax with the most confidence that our proven strategies will avoid an audit. No one can guarantee that IRS lightening won’t strike, but our collective experience with the IRS dance allows us a unique opportunity to mitigate that exposure.

To address this growth, we are hiring a host of additional lawyers, CPA’s and tax professionals to reduce turnaround time on our returns and to ensure that your needs are met from questions, tax strategy sessions and deal structuring to bookkeeping and general accounting services. Please visit our website over the coming months to meet our new team.

Speaking of our web presence, we are updating our website and have begun a new weekly blog called “Mike’s Friday tax tips”. Tax law changes almost weekly. From Tax Court cases to IRS publications to the inside things we learn in defending other CPA’s returns at audit. I have always struggled with an effective medium to deliver this information to clients without becoming one of those firms that constantly bombards your inbox. I am hopeful that the weekly blog will allow me to provide you great tax tips and inside information on the fun world of tax at your discretion without intruding. I am confident that the blog will give you great insight into some tax saving opportunities within the tax year that will further support our partnership in reducing your total tax.

Lastly, we are updating all of our systems within the firm to continue to secure your data as well as assisting our professionals in the accurate preparation of your tax returns. With our cutting-edge research and preparation systems, we can compete head on with the large firms while providing the small firm experience and fees our clients enjoy.

The President just signed the 2015 tax extender package into law so we are making some final tweaks to our tax organizer and it will be emailed to you in the coming weeks.

I look forward to continuing to serve your tax needs. Thank you very much for your business!

Very Truly Yours,

Michael T. McCormick