Tax Services

Everyone has heard the phrase, “the only sure things in life are death and taxes.” While you don’t have much control over death, you can do something to make certain you are paying the minimum amount of income tax. In today’s complex income tax environment, self-prepared tax returns or returns done by a storefront tax preparer can often mean thousands of dollars in extra taxes (not to mention the risk of incorrectly prepared returns). It is vital to have access to competent and experienced tax counsel throughout the year, but primarily at tax time.

At McCormick Tax Group, LLC, we see value beyond taxes. We take a global look at your tax and financial structure to recommend a coordinated plan that can save you thousands of dollars as well as ensure that your return is done correctly.

Our attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents have extensive experience in representing clients in disputes with the IRS and state agencies. The combination of our experience, education and background can mean thousands of dollars in savings for you at tax time.

Effective tax planning requires a review of your financial structure in the current tax year. By planning properly now, you can save money and time when it comes time to file your tax return. We have strategies that can be implemented to save you money. Some of our strategies can be found below:

  • Review your income statement and budget to determine whether you can defer income or accelerate deductions in the current year.
  • Maximize contributions to your retirement plan.
  • Shift income to your children or other family members.
  • Take advantage of charitable giving.
  • Review your stock portfolio to determine the tax benefits of tax selling.

Effective tax planning now can reap big rewards at tax time. Please contact our office to schedule an in-depth strategy session customized to your specific tax needs.