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McCormick Tax Group, LLC
70 West Madison Street, Suite 5650
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Phone:  312.466.0800
Fax:  312.466.0808

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST

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Visiting Us:

Prior to visiting us, we highly recommend contacting our office and informing one of our team members of the date and time of your planned arrival so that we may add you to the building security list for entry. Not sure who to contact? Call our main line at (312) 466-0800 or email us at and we will coordinate your visit. If you will be stopping by to pick up documents, please let us know so that we can have them ready upon your arrival.

Please note that walk-ins are also welcome, however, without prior authorization, security requires on the spot approval from a member of our team to provide you with access. Should our team step away from their computer and/or phone and are unable to grant you access upon the time of your arrival, you may be denied entry. In an effort to avoid this inconvenience, please contact our office prior to your arrival so that we may add you to the building security list.

When you arrive, please take the escalators up to the second level and check in with security on the right hand side of the escalators to receive a temporary ID badge that will give you access to the elevators (you must be on the security list in order to get access). You will need your ID/Drivers license to verify your identity. Once the badge is issued, you can go through the security gates on the left side of the escalators (swipe your badge to get through) and take the second bank of elevators on the right to the 53rd floor, which is the transfer floor. Once you are on the 53rd floor, please follow the sign to the second set of elevators to get to the 56th floor.

In a rush and simply need to drop off documents? You can leave your documents with the building messenger center (located on the first floor of the building) and they will deliver the documents to our suite for you.