Economic Impact Payments

There are myriad economic relief packages flooding out of Washington right now. Many clients are [...]

A Letter From Mike McCormick

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues; I sincerely hope this email finds you safe and healthy. [...]

The People First Initiative- IRS Operations

I hope you are staying safe and healthy during these trying times. There has been [...]

COVID-19 Update with respect to April 15th Tax Deadline

As we navigate these unprecedented and extraordinary times, I wanted to say on behalf of [...]

COVID-19’s Impact on the 2019 Tax Season

The events of the past two weeks will potentially impact the 2019 tax season. I [...]

IRAs and Company Retirement Plans

  Most of our clients have a significant portion of their wealth in IRAs and [...]

2019 Tax Season Letter

  Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues; Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were terrific [...]

Happy Memorial Day!

  I can’t believe we are coming up to the Memorial Day weekend. This is [...]

Taking care of business: recordkeeping for small businesses

  We get asked this question frequently and it is an important issue….record keeping. The [...]

Roth Conversions

  Most of our clients have a significant portion of their wealth in IRAs and [...]

Fake IRS Calls Increase During Tax Season

  Unfortunately, tax season always brings out the scammers. IRS just issued the following advice [...]

Client Mailbag- Gambling Winnings

  Dear Mike; I just got back from a trip to Vegas and was lucky [...]

IRS Waives Penalty for Many Whose Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax Payments Fell Short in the 2018 Tax Year

  The IRS has just released news of waiving the penalty for many taxpayers whose [...]

Don’t take the bait: Here’s how taxpayers can avoid getting caught by a phishing scam

Data thieves don’t take a break during the holidays. In fact, the IRS warns taxpayers [...]


In our ongoing series on year-end tax tips, we thought we would address Crypto-currency trading. [...]

Bunching Deductions

  It’s that time of year again — time to start planning to cut your [...]

Hurricane Relief

  With the hurricane headed for the east coast we thought it would be a [...]

The Impact of the Tax Cuts Act on Retirement Plans and IRAs

  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act modifies several provisions related to retirement plans and [...]

The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Home Ownership and Financing

  As summer is winding down we are getting a lot of client questions about [...]

Tax Credits Help Offset Higher Education Costs

  This summer is flying by and unbelievable it is almost back to school time. [...]