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IRS Tweets Apology for Erroneous CP14s

According to Spidell News, the IRS released a tweet late Wednesday stating that California taxpayers [...]

Charitable Giving

Last week was charity week and I am so proud of our team! We took [...]

Student Loan Forgiveness

The Administration and the U.S. Department of Education have announced a three-part plan to help [...]

Mike’s Tax Bites – Inflation Reduction Act

Last week President Biden signed the inflation reduction act of 2022. There are numerous aspects [...]

Our new website has launched!

We are pleased to announce that McCormick Tax Group has launched a new website at! [...]

IRS Backlog Continues

The IRS continues to face a serious backlog and its pace for processing paper returns [...]

IRS Warns Taxpayers Against Scammers

  Taxpayers, beware of common tax scams that occur around tax season whether via email [...]

Halting Notices Not A Simple Task

  In local tax news, Gregory Twachtman, a Washington News Editor, posted the following article: [...]

2021 Tax Season Letter

  Dear Clients, Friends, and Colleagues; Happy New Year! I hope you and your loved [...]

IRS backlog…Tax Season is Coming

  The IRS is already facing a backlog and the 2021 tax season is about [...]

IRS Delays in Processing

  This has been a rough year for interactions with the Internal Revenue Service. In [...]

The Child Tax Credit

  Taxes are a huge issue in Washington right now and  one way or the [...]

Mike’s Tax Bites – Tax Law Changes

  There have been many changes to the tax laws in the last several months [...]

PPP- “Double Dip” allowed

  Late in the evening of December 20th, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act. It [...]

Mike’s Tax Bites – Year End Planning

  With the holidays approaching, I thought I would do a number of blogs on [...]

College Bound – The Importance of a Power of Attorney

  As the month of August approaches, I am sure you are not only thinking [...]

Common Tax Scams

  Taxpayers should be aware of common tax scams that occur around tax deadlines whether [...]

PPP Loan Forgiveness

  I received the Paycheck Protection Program funds, now what? For my corporate and small [...]

Economic Impact Payment

Straight from the IRS – Taxpayers with a filing requirement must file a tax return [...]

Phishing and Online Scams on the Rise

Just a quick note to remind you to be aware of fraud that is prevalent [...]